Welcome to Jack Millikin, Inc.

If you think excavation and septic cleaning are the only things that Jack Millikin and Sons does then you don’t know JACK!  Since 1941 Jack Millikin and Sons has specialized in just about everything above and below the ground. From lot clearing and foundations to topsoil and landscaping mulch, Jack Millikin has what your project needs.  You don’t know Jack can help your garden be the envy of all your neighbors?  Stop in and ask about their new line of Dairy Doo products by Morgan Composting.  Call them today at 989.348.8411 and get to know Jack and the many ways they can help you.

Service We Provide:

Jack Millikin, Inc. has been providing general site work, and excavation services for the Crawford County and surrounding areas since 1941. Specializing in residential and light commercial construction. Services include: lot clearing, foundation excavation, septic system installation (including experienced installers for many newer advanced treatment septic systems), sewer & water service installation, grading, road work, demolition, year round road maintenance.

Septic Tank Services: Installation &  Septic Tank Pumping

Portable Toilets Rental: Standard & Handicapped, Wash Sinks & Hand Sanitizers

Excavation Services

Products: Sand: Mason, Fill, 2NS (Sandbox Sand), Stone: All sizes of Washed Natural Stone, Limestone, Road Gravel & Crushed Limestone (excellent for drives), Concrete Blocks,  Bag Cement, Rerod, Plastic Pipe, Wire Mesh, Etc., Landscape Blocks & Pavers, Steel Fire Rings, Concrete Blocks, Pyzique Block, Potting Soil, Tree and Shrub Mix. Liquid Products, Nepture’s Harvest Products, Steel Fire Rings, Concrete Blocks, Pyzique Block, Mulch

Masonry: Crawl Spaces, Basements, Retainer Walls, Decorative Masonry, Block Foundations, I.C.F. (Insulated Concrete Forms), Split-Faced Masonry

Driveways: Residential & Light Commercial

Landscape: Retainer Walls, Brick Pavers, Boulder Walls

Flatwork: Garage Floors and Basements

Stamped / Decorative Exterior Concrete

Winter Services: Plowing, Road Maintenance, Parking lot Sanding / Salting, Septic Service